This site and all pages that will follow are very important to me.  Many of the writings you will see have been written free hand.  Some I have carried with me for over 20 years.  Some I have done only in the last few years.  No matter what or when they came about, all come from within my heart.  Some were from others that I felt so moved by, I had to include them in my pages.  If I can
touch only one person with my words, then I have completed what I so want to share......Enjoy the writings and the poetry........

Come now my friends and all that visit this site.  Walk with me hand in hand as we travel through a place deep within my heart, my soul, my very being.  The words flow onto paper as love flows from my heart to your's.  The things we can say in words, oh how harsh they can be.  Understanding and caring words, oh how beautiful they can be.  Words can lift us so high we may feel we have to look
down to see our Heaven.
As the wav. says:  I don't want anyone to see the "real" me, as no one understands the person inside that I truly am. 
God is watching us as we walk hand in hand.  Feel as I feel, as you read........

These pages are dedicated to the ones that  have shared their heartfelt poetry with me,  and given me permission to share it with you on my site.      ^^Hiding^^